How do you take your brand to another level?


How do you take your brand to another level?


How do you take your brand to another level?

We’ve been helping YouTube pretty much since the days of Me at the zoo, collaborating on everything from live events and data visualization to animated videos and quirky content marketing. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, YouTube partnered with the Webby Awards to get people to vote on their favorite online ad. They needed a series of shareable Twitter-ready graphics that were on-brand and captured both their history and the essence of their brand today.

YouTube background design elements

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We focused on YouTube’s early DIY roots and brainstormed how to reflect their handmade spirit in graphic form. While working through a 103-degree fever, Gregg, Propoint designer extraordinaire, had a revelation: his hallucinatory doodles would make the perfect background design elements, bringing an old-school feel to YouTube’s otherwise sleek and tech-savvy look.

YouTube went for the unconventional hand-sketched approach
staying on and stretching YouTubes brand

YouTube went for the unconventional hand-sketched approach, and Gregg set to work on what would become over 150 unique doodles. The mix of styles hit the sweet spot of both staying on and stretching their brand.

taking YouTube's brand to a higher level

Star Wars and puppies basically sell themselves (OK, maybe not Star Wars episodes 1-3). Sometimes it’s important for design to stay out of the way but still add magic. That’s exactly what we went for here.

YouTube Tweeted out all 22 graphics
Youtube’s brand identity is quirky and approachable

YouTube Tweeted out all 22 graphics, and the companies themselves promoted their ads on social media. With 140 million votes and an assist, so to speak, from both Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant, a Turkish Airlines spot was crowned ad of the decade.

“YouTube’s brand identity is quirky and approachable. It was important to create graphics that not only addressed the client’s needs, but also embodied that identity and represented the creative spirit of YouTube’s users.”

—Gregg D., Senior Designer

How it all turned out

Tweets fanned out across the web, and YouTube converted this unique look into an attention-grabbing email. With a signature new look, YouTube celebrated their brand, their community, that Old Spice guy without a shirt, and lovers of cat videos the world over.