How do you pull off a massive brand overhaul?


How do you pull off a massive brand overhaul?

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How do you pull off a massive brand overhaul?

ServiceSource rebranded to better communicate who they are and what they do. They’re the global leader in cloud-based recurring revenue management solutions. If you don’t know what that is, you’re not alone—it’s far more complicated than a lemonade stand. To make things clear across a multitude of platforms, they came to us.

Services offered:


Website Design
Mobile Design (iOS, Android, Web)


Story Development
Script Writing

Content strategy information architecture

Services Offered:


User Experience (UX)
Content Strategy
Information Architecture


User Interface (UI)
Animated Video & Motion
Presentations and Events


Website Design
Mobile (iOS, Android, Web)


Story Development
Script Writing

When asked to design a 12-page conventional web survey, we knew we needed to brainstorm a more engaging idea. Even in our zen-ness, we definitely don’t have a 12-page-survey attention span.

interactive graphic elegantly designed
servicesource strategy recurring revenue management solutions

We pretty much locked ourselves in a conference room to parse out the key points and emerged with a proposal to turn it into an interactive graphic, distilling all the bulk into one elegantly designed page.

interactive graphic design
rebrand strategy design
simple-to-use interactive design

All the complexities of ServiceSource’s business dissolve into this friendly, simple-to-use interactive graphic. Even if you miss the finer points of recurring revenue management, you will definitely be able to figure out if you have a data problem…

“Propoint is really my go-to. I always recommend that we go with Propoint before engaging anyone else.”

—Matthew Rice, Marketing Executive, ServiceSource

How it all turned out

In the end, we helped ServiceSource rebrand across multiple product launches that encompassed motion graphics, presentations, storyboarding, messaging, and much more—all simplifying, clarifying, and empowering their brand.