How do you create buzz for your new product?


How do you create buzz for your new product?


How do you create buzz for your new product?

VMware wanted to incentivize a group of their top 50 salespeople to sell their new network virtualization tool but didn’t know how. Sending out a standard introduction wasn’t going to cut it, so we set out to create an Instagram-worthy experience. The result was a fully interactive sales kit that put salespeople at the center of their own adventure.


Services Offered:


Brand Positioning & Messaging
User Experience (UX)
Content Strategy


Brand Identity & Design
User Interface (UI)
Animated Video & Motion


Website Design
Mobile (iOS, Android, Web)


Content Marketing
Story Development
Script Writing

We interviewed VMware to learn more about the product and the salespeople they hoped to target. Propoint got in a room, did some serious brainstorming, and pitched N.O.V.A., an exclusive top-secret team of sales agents a la Mission: Impossible.


Each agent’s experience begins with the unexpected delivery of a custom-designed box emblazoned with the VMware N.O.V.A. logo. Inside are two precisely-crafted compartments: one contains a dossier and the other a leather-bound book. The envelope says “Read me first.”


Inside the envelope, a card with a password directs you to “read” the book. Clipped to the card is a Polaroid of a top hat. Opening the book reveals a video screen, and pressing a pseudo-thumb scanner triggers a personalized video from your handler filling you in on need-to-know info and directing you to an online hat shop, Avon Hatters.


We created the full website of a fake British hat shop where you find the hat pictured in the Polaroid. Click on that hat, enter the password, and you are taken to the deep web VMware N.O.V.A. site where more classified details are revealed. A confirmation email follows immediately, directing you to await further instructions.

“This is exactly what I was hoping for. You guys really did an amazing job!”

Roland Serna, VMware

How it all turned out

The N.O.V.A. project brought together a wide range of our skills like branding, product design, motion graphics, live video, and web design into a single package. As a result, VMware deepened their relationships with their N.O.V.A. sales agents, added intrigue to the field of network virtualization, and moved their agents to sell more of VMware’s tools.