How do you change the way the world buys advertising?


How do you change the way the world buys advertising?


How do you change the way the world buys advertising?

We’ve helped Google tell their own story for over eight years in all kinds of ways, from animated videos to data visualizations to interactive media. So they called us when they needed to explain, in a clear visual way, the complexities of AdMob—a leading app monetization solution.

Services offered:


Story Development

Services Offered:


Content Strategy


Presentations and Events
Data Visualization


Story Development

Google AdMob content strategy process

AdMob continues to evolve and innovate. Raw materials for all sorts of projects would often arrive in our inboxes as either long Word documents full of acronyms or as back-of-a-napkin-style drawings.

At the cutting edge of mobile app monetization, AdMob had a good idea about their message but lacked a visual vocabulary to explain how clients can benefit from their services.

Google AdMob content strategy sketch

Our job was to figure out the crux of what they were trying to say and translate that into compelling and straightforward visuals. We were telling complex stories that just happened to be in presentation form.

compelling and straightforward visuals

We created a master Google Slides deck covering the full range of AdMob’s services to help explain the benefits and features in detail.

“I turn to Propoint for creative work because they are experts at turning marketing messages into consumable content. They produce beautifully designed work that speaks to our target audience.”

—Michael Schipper, Product Marketing Manager, Google AdMob

How it all turned out

AdMob has helped build the in-app advertising universe, generating revenue for developers along the way, and we captured it all in an easy-to-understand presentation.