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We’re a proven leader in professional presentation design. Our task is to elevate the exchange between you and your audience into a memorable and meaningful experience. Our presentation designers transform PowerPoint presentations, Keynote and Prezi into high-end, compelling visuals that tell your story and get results. We can create your corporate PowerPoint design from scratch or make over your existing deck. Either way, our custom PowerPoint design isn’t just pretty, it conveys your information in an engaging way and leaves a lasting impression. 

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Creative presentation ideas.

Following the rules of thumb can leave you with all thumbs. Propoint is a creative company that believes adhering to a formula can kill the creative process. We’d rather work with you to talk about the goals of your presentation, the audience, the message and discover original ideas from there. Everyone’s situation is unique and doesn’t fall into a template. Using a patterned approach will lead to an unnatural and uncomfortable experience for you and your audience. Let’s work together to find the right solution.

Professional Presentation Design 

Our presentation designers create slides from scratch or provide a PowerPoint makeover, and will transform your business presentations into powerful visual aids. 

Presentation Makeovers, Custom Templates, Marketing & Sales Presentations, Slide Production, Presentation Style Guides

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Presentation ≠ PowerPoint

We keep up with the latest innovations in design technology to create unexpected solutions for your presentation.

Prezi, Keynote, Google Slides, SlideShare, Mobile Apps


Premium PowerPoint

If PowerPoint is the way to go, we’ll create a custom presentation that will tell your story in a unique way—with no ClipArt! You can see some of our PowerPoint samples here.

Premium Images, Smart Charts, Powerful Diagrams

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