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Motion Graphics

Need a video with a more sophisticated look and feel than the run-of-the-mill animation? Propoint can help. Our designers use computer generated effects—like 3D magic, visual effects integrated into live video and catchy bumpers for your brand—to elevate simple videos into memorable online experiences.

Explainer Videos

Show in seconds what’s challenging to explain over many minutes. An explainer video by Propoint will help move your viewer further down the funnel. When they call, you can get right to the good stuff.

Corporate Videos

Getting the attention of upper management is tricky. Getting C-suite execs to act is even harder. But 65% of executives visit a vendor’s site after watching their video. That’s a big deal. Our team can help you craft an intelligent video to catch and keep the attention of the top brass.

Promo Videos

Promotional videos are a great way to generate additional interest in your company’s important announcements, upcoming events, press releases and product launches. Go far beyond dry facts and figures. Use the charm of a story to combine pertinent new information and important insights.

Animated Videos

They’re much more than just cute characters and a snappy soundtrack. Propoint uses animation to simplify complex ideas into approachable solutions. Additionally, telling your story through animated characters can kindle emotional connections with your audience and create a deeper bond between your target and your brand.

Marketing Videos

Put your company’s personality and philosophy center stage and take control of your brand’s story. A marketing video by Propoint is the best way to cut through all the assumptions and misconceptions about your business floating out there in the world.

Demo Videos

After watching a product video, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy. Demo videos are an excellent way to 1) get prospects to appreciate the value of your product and 2) build confidence in their ability to use it. Propoint designers will approach your product with fresh eyes and ears and elevate the simple “how-to” into selling the whole product experience.

Homepage Videos

Make the most out of the time people spend on your website with a smart and engaging video. Homepage videos increase conversion rates by 20% or more. We can help quickly introduce your brand to new visitors and reinforce your message to those who come back.

Landing Page Videos

Visitors to web sites who view videos stay an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t. That’s 120 seconds more for them to learn about your company and internalize your message, branding and positioning. In fact, the right landing page video can increase conversion by up to 80%.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Only 24% of brands use online video to market to customers. Stand out by infusing all of your channels with great video content.










Pre-Roll Ads, Animated Ads and Animated GIFs

If it moves, we can design it. You’d be surprised how many places animation can impact your connection with your audience. Imagine data visualizations that move to demonstrate trends over time or pre-roll animations that transform a disparate group of videos into a cohesive campaign. It’s all doable. And we’ll help you figure it out.

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