the Powerpoint design experts.

Your job as a presenter is to convey your information in a way that is engaging, and easy for the audience to understand and remember. Support your message with professional PowerPoint presentation design, or Keynote or Prezi design that captures the audience’s attention, tells a story, and leaves a lasting impression.

Our award-winning PowerPoint designers and Keynote experts offer a range of presentation service levels. Each presentation design level includes the incorporation of royalty-free images relevant to your business presentation, as appropriate.

Slide Design Level 1

Clean slide design and layout with consistent typography and imagery applied throughout; minimal use of other graphic design applications. Ideal for brands with a simple aesthetic or for content-rich slides that require a minimal setting.

Level 1 Samples

Slide Design Level 2

We apply a dynamic layout with selective use of other graphic design applications to enhance depth, texture, and dimension; typography and visuals are treated to align to your company’s style. This is a great solution for those seeking enhanced graphics and on-brand imagery, while retaining ease of editability.

Level 2 Samples

Slide Design Level 3

A high level of design throughout the slides with the use of additional graphic design programs to add visual interest-depth, texture and dimension-while remaining true to your brand. Selective content interpretation to translate concepts into visuals.

Level 3 Samples

Slide Design Level 4

Visual concepting or advanced design going beyond Level 3 service. We treat each slide as its own mini project and focus on advanced interpretation and conceptual work of the content on each slide. Often used for selected prominent slides, key messages or important takeaways that might require additional development time.

Level 4 Samples

Our PowerPoint presentation designers are masters at transforming your content and existing slides into compelling and impactful visual corporate presentations that reinforce what you are telling the audience. With striking imagery, custom artwork, dynamic PowerPoint animations, and a look that’s consistent with your brand, we’ll help you communicate your key points more quickly and effectively, while making your message more memorable. Need help with your content? Our presentation consultants can craft a compelling story that makes your message more memorable.