Think Visually with infographics.

Need to explain complicated subject matter? You need an infographic to help your audience quickly grasp and process your content. Our expert infographic designers deliver magazine-quality graphics, professional PowerPoint diagrams, or animated Flash info-graphics.

The level of infographics design and/or visual concepting is determined by your requirements. We offer various service levels to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets.

Infographics Level 1

Clean design executed in PowerPoint only. Suited for clients who require a straightforward transmission of information to make their case.

Level 1 Samples

Infographics Level 2

Advanced features of PowerPoint are employed, plus limited use of other graphic design applications and relevant imagery. This is the solution for those seeking enhanced graphics to boost the overall infographic design.

Level 2 Samples

Infographics Level 3

Cutting edge design and hand-drawn artwork using other graphic design applications and imagery. This level is for those looking to elevate their infographic with striking graphics.

Level 3 Samples

Infographics Level 4

Using advanced design applications; includes advanced hand-drawn artwork, photorealistic or 3D elements, or the incorporation of custom hand-drawn graphics created in Flash/After Effects with interactivity and advanced animation options.

Level 4 Samples

Whether it’s a diagram, flow chart, or technical illustration, our infographics designers deliver visual representations of your information or data. They communicate in a graphical format that is easier to understand and more effective than words or pictures alone.

Our designers are experienced visual thinkers. We can take your existing diagram and enhance it for more visual effect and alignment with your brand. Don’t have an existing infographic? Our designers can translate your raw data/information into digestible, intuitive visuals that facilitate comprehension of your complex concepts, complicated data, or intricate processes.