Bring your electronic documents to life.

What if you could add movement and sound to your documents? How about delivering your dynamic multimedia content directly to your customers’ inboxes?

With a Dynamic PDF you can transform your electronic documents into captivating communication vehicles loaded with rich media and built-in interactivity. Multimedia elements can be embedded or streamed from an online source.

Not only does the Dynamic PDF enable you to increase the effectiveness of your communication with multimedia, it also gives you the ability to easily distribute your content to a broad audience. Dynamic PDFs can be emailed as an attachment or as a link to a file hosted on the web. PDFs typically have a small file size and the widespread adoption of the free Adobe Reader® software makes your content accessible.

We can custom design the PDF layout, as well as create and embed its multimedia elements, including:

  • Motion Graphics Movies, Flash Slide Shows, Modules
  • Interactive Graphs, Surveys, Polls
  • Presentations
  • Video & Audio Files

Common Uses

  • eBrochures
  • Electronic Press Kits
  • Multimedia Newsletters
  • Product/Website Demos
  • Training Manuals
  • Sales Force Video Bios

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