ProPoint Graphics has been honored with several awards for work in our various presentation solutions. We are proud of the recognition we have received for creating cutting edge solutions that help our clients achieve their desired results.

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    Motion Graphics

    Silanis needed an eye-catching video for their newly designed website. The video needed to be captivating and short enough to hold attention but still contain all the relevant information. With Silanis' corporate background material in hand, our presentation consultant developed a script and storyboard that were translated into an engaging marketing video. The resulting video complements the new website design and excites viewers about their e-signature product.
    Honorable Mention, Marcom Awards 2012

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    Presentation Design

    Google and Ipsos OTX Media CT conducted a research study on the impact of mobile internet access on consumer behavior. The resulting data needed to be clearly conveyed while engaging the audience. With Google’s iconic brand in mind, we created a presentation that was Google-y, but also dynamic enough to hold the viewer’s attention and drive the message home. With the statistic as the focal point, we designed each slide to enhance the meaningful data it was meant to portray and effectively communicate the client’s information.
    Gold Winner, Marcom Awards 2012