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June's Tip for Effective Presentations
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Enhance Your Presentation with Video

Thinking about using video in your next presentation? Done right, adding multimedia can help you capture and hold your audience’s attention.

Over the next two newsletters, we will cover four important factors for establishing an optimal video experience – your video’s resolution, length and content, format, and delivery.

Let’s start with how you want your video to appear. If you want your video to fill the screen, create it with a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels – the lowest resolution of most projectors. PowerPoint can force any video to be shown full-screen, but this only enlarges the pixels, making lower resolution videos look “blocky.” If you choose to show your videos at a smaller size, it can be shown within a PowerPoint slide containing other artwork. Keep in mind that video will play on top of all other artwork on your slide, therefore, you cannot superimpose text or framing over your video. All artwork must appear outside the video frame.

Case Study
Name: Amcor
Type of Project: PowerPoint Design
Industry: Manufacturing

Amcor is introducing its line of PET bottles for wine and wanted to create a classy presentation which reflected the image of the wine industry.

Our designer created a slide design using warm, earthy colors with parchment textures and calligraphic scrolling. Images and concepts were organized into a clean and easy-to-read layout.

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ProPoint FAQ of the Month

Q: The video on my slide used to work but now it won't play.

A: At first, you may have created an absolute link and moving the file broke it. When inserting media, make sure both the media file and PPT are in the same folder. This makes a relative link. If moving the files, keep them in the same folder to retain the link.

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