Corporate Holiday Cards: Five Reasons to Go Digital

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It’s that time of year — companies are sending holiday wishes to clients and business contacts. While traditional paper cards are still popular, they are generic, expensive and a tedious endeavor for companies. If your company is planning on sending holiday cards this year, consider a digital holiday e-card over a printed card. Here’s why:

1. Brand building. Custom designed e-cards are a popular solution for our clients. That’s because they are designed specifically for your company and brand. This helps build brand awareness and sets you apart from your competitors. E-cards are fun, entertaining, and most importantly, they allow you to send a personal message to your contacts and captivate viewers through high-impact motion graphics, animations and interactivity — a truly engaging and memorable experience. Don’t settle for a generic printed holiday card with little room to send an impactful message.

2. It’s a marketing tool. Increase traffic to your website by including a link in the e-card. Increase exposure by creating a card that’s entertaining, and make it easy for viewers to share with colleagues and friends. Find out who is viewing and sharing the card by using an email marketing service that provides analytics. E-cards make it easy for you to get in front of your customers — make the most of it!

3. The green alternative. Did you know that 1.9 billion holiday cards are sold each year in the U.S. alone? That amounts to 300,000 trees and could fill a football field ten stories high! You can cut down on waste and pollution by sending a fun, animated e-card instead.

4. Reduce costs. Paper cards don’t just cost trees — hundreds or thousands of cards and postage can cost a lot of money. Connect with contacts through a holiday e-card that’s sent directly to their inboxes. You can create a custom e-card or an even more cost-effective semi-custom card at a much lower expense than printed cards.

5. Time is money. You are not only saving dollars, sending an e-card will also save you precious time. No need to sign all those cards — e-cards can include an image of your signature(s), or any image of your choosing. Sometimes clients want to show a new office, staff, or photos of their team in action. The options of custom designed e-cards are infinite. And no need to stuff all those envelopes and apply postage — e-cards are sent with the click of a button.

Think a corporate holiday e-card is the solution for you this year? Check out some of the custom e-cards we’ve designed for clients and the semi-custom cards that can be customized to include your logo and message.